Symptoms of Root Canal Treatment

Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

Contrary to popular belief, normally, root canal treatment is not painful. But many people fear root canal treatment due to the extreme pain caused by infected dental pulp.

If your dentist has recommended this treatment, there’s no need to worry. Getting root canal treatment will eliminate the pain. 

But toothache is not the only symptom of the root canal. In this article, you’ll learn why root canal treatment is done and common symptoms that you might need a root canal. 

Why is Root Canal Treatment Done? 

Teeth are protected by a hard outer covering or shell called enamel. Beneath this layer, there’s a soft pulp at the centre of teeth known as the dental pulp. It contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, extending down to your teeth. 

If the dental pulp gets exposed due to tooth cracks and untreated cavities, harmful bacteria can enter the tooth and reach the pulp. Once inside the pulp, bacteria damage the tooth from inside and cause infection, which causes extreme pain & may even result in tooth loss. 

You’ll be required to get a root canal treatment to save the damaged tooth and eliminate the pain. It’s an endodontic treatment in which the decay is cleaned out, and the vacant room is filled to preserve the infected tooth. Finally, the tooth is fixed with a filling or crown.  

Symptoms You Might Need a Root Canal Treatment

Here are a few familiar signs and symptoms you may need a root canal:

  1. Discolouration of Tooth

Your teeth can get discoloured as you age. Certain foods and medications cause your teeth to become yellow. But that is pretty normal. 

However, if you have noticed any sudden tooth discolouration, it can signify that you need a root canal. Decay in the tooth’s pulp can also cause discolouration of the tooth, giving it a greyish appearance. 

  1. Swelling of Gums 

Another sign of a root canal is swelling of the gums near the infected tooth. If your gums are tender, red, and swollen around a specific tooth, it’s better to visit your dentist. Moreover, having sores or pimples on the gums indicates the presence of decay deep inside the tooth. 

  1. Sharp or Throbbing Toothache

The dental pulp contains nerves, blood vessels, and vital tissues. When the infection reaches the pulp, it causes severe pain. 

The most common symptom of the root canal is a persistent sharp or throbbing toothache. Experiencing severe pain in the tooth that gets worse when biting or chewing is a sure sign that you have to visit your dentist for a root canal. 

  1. Extreme Sensitivity 

If you’re experiencing extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods, especially if it lingers for some time, it’s also a sign that you need a root canal treatment. 

Sensitivity occurs due to damaged or infected dental pulp. So, you’ll have to visit your dentist if the symptom persists. 

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