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Invisalign in Aspendale: Align Your Teeth Comfortably and Discreetly

The Invisalign treatment is an innovative procedure available at Aspendale Gardens Dental Care. With our treatment for Invisalign in Aspendale, patients can straighten their teeth in discreet, comfortable, and removable style. Our dentists go above and beyond to ensure a professional approach and exceptional service for every patient.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

  • Invisalign or removable aligners are significantly more comfortable than conventional braces. Metal braces have sharp edges and can leave sores that take time to heal.
  • Removable aligners allow you to better care of your mouth, teeth, and gums. Food and plaque can get stuck inside the wires with traditional braces and become difficult to clean properly.
  • Aligning your teeth with Invisalign or clear aligners can reduce tooth sensitivity, gum inflammation, and bad breath. You can also fix a dental underbite or overbite with Invisalign.
  • Invisible aligners can prevent other oral health issues, including abnormal bites, crooked teeth, and sleep apnea.
  • Invisalign doesn’t use invasive practices to evaluate your teeth. You won’t need to make traditional impressions. Instead, our dentists will take a full scan of your teeth and translate them into 3D prints to create your custom aligners.
How Do Invisalign Work?

At Aspendale Gardens Dental Care, we pride ourselves on being a leading clinic for Invisalign in Aspendale due to our qualified technicians, knowledgeable specialists, and top-of-the-line equipment. In addition, we offer the most competitive pricing for invisible braces in the area. Our goal is to ensure you are happy, satisfied, and content with your new smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

During your treatment, we will supply you with a series of aligners. With each aligner, you will notice slight changes to tooth position. Our specialists will control the situation carefully, ensuring everything goes according to the plan.

When we place the aligners on your teeth, they will gradually shift them from the existing position into the wanted place. We’ll provide you with a new set of aligners every two weeks until we notice complete improvement.

The length of treatment varies between patients. It usually depends on the severity of your teeth misalignment and your current gum condition. After a thorough analysis, we will determine the length of the treatment, which may take from 12-15 months for adults.

For teens, the length of time can also vary. At Aspendale Gardens Dental Care, we find that invisible aligners are most effective when patients wear them 20-22 hours per day.

One of the best parts about wearing clear aligners is that you don’t have to give up your favourite foods. Removing the aligners while you eat is essential to avoid damaging them with sticky or hard foods. We always recommend patients go easy on a new set of aligners because teeth need time to adjust.

It is also vital to brush your teeth after eating and putting the aligners back.

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