Root Canal Treatment

Quick and Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment in Aspendale

Tooth pain, painful gums, and sensitivity are signs of decay and infection. If you have a tooth infection, we at Aspendale Gardens Dental Care offer fast and pain-free treatment for a root canal in Aspendale to repair and save the decayed tooth. Patient comfort is our top priority, so rest assured, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you feel safe and cozy throughout the procedure.

When to Consider Root Canal Treatment in Aspendale?

  • Do you have a painful sensitivity to hot or cold drinks and foods that don’t dissipate quickly?
  • Do you have a persistent and chronic toothache that doesn’t go away when you brush your tooth or take medications?
  • Has one of your teeth suddenly turned black or grey?
  • Do you notice any unusual swelling of the jaw or face?
  • Do you feel a pimple-like bump from the inside?
root canal treatment in Aspendale

Some signs are visibility noticeable, while others take time to develop, but in either case, you should seek dental assistance to address the problem as quickly as possible. At Aspendale Gardens Dental Care, we use the treatment for a root canal in Aspendale to remove the infected pulp, stop the spread of the infection, and relieve pain. The procedure also protects the tooth from further infection and keeps other teeth healthy and strong.

Frequently Asked Questions

A root canal treatment is similar to a dental filling. During your consultation at Aspendale Gardens Dental Care, we will determine the severity and extent of damage and complete the procedure in one or two visits. Our dentist will apply a numbing medication before injecting an anesthetic to prevent any pain during the treatments.

Once your tooth is numb, we will drill a tiny hole in the tooth’s top to access the pulp. Then, using top-of-the-line equipment, we will clean the pulp and apply an antibiotic to ensure the infection is clear. Next, we will add a sealer paste to seal the tooth.

As with other dental treatments, root canals have drastically improved throughout the years. Today, the success rate of a root canal is 95%. A properly performed treatment for a root canal in Aspendale ensures the repaired tooth lasts a lifetime with regular dental check-ups and cleanings.

At Aspendale Gardens Dental Care, we pride ourselves on being a leading dental clinic for root canal treatments due to our high success rate and unmatched service.

Root canal treatment is highly effective and safe, especially when performed by our qualified and trained specialists. The advancements in techniques and technology make the treatment even more successful, so rest assured, we’ll find the best way to handle your issue.

The goal of a root canal is to preserve your natural tooth and prevent any further infection. It is a much safer treatment than a tooth extraction.

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