How Much Does Root Canal Cost in Australia?

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Root canals can save a severely damaged or infected tooth. And root canals last a lifetime with the proper care. 

When a patient experiences toothache due to an infection or a crack extending into the nerve, he needs treatment. The good news is root canal treatment has a success rate of 95%.  

But if you’re wondering what the root canal cost in Australia is, keep reading. 

What is a Root Canal? 

If your tooth experiences trauma and has cracks or cavities, harmful bacteria can reach the tooth’s canal, spread quickly, and cause infection. It can result in extreme tooth sensitivity and sharp or stabbing toothache when you put pressure on the tooth. 

When damage to the tooth reaches the dental pulp or nerve, an endodontic procedure called a root canal is there to save the tooth. This treatment prevents the risk of reinfection because your dentist will seal the treated tooth permanently. 

While a general dentist can perform a root canal, endodontists have years of training in carrying out even the most complex root canals. 

What is the Root Canal Cost? 

In Australia, the root canal cost starts from $950 on average. However, the cost of your treatment will depend on several factors. During your initial appointment, your dentist will give you an estimate and go through the costs of your treatment.

Here are some factors that affect root canal cost:

  1. Type of the Tooth: The type and location of your infected tooth will affect the total cost of your treatment. The teeth at the back of your mouth don’t have a single root, and it isn’t easy to reach them. It makes the procedure more complex,increasingd the root canal cost. In contrast, front teeth have a single root and are easier to treat. 
  2. Condition of the Tooth: The cost of treatment may vary depending on whether you require a root canal because of a chipped tooth vs. when you also have an infection. Your dentist or endodontist will need to treat the condition first. And in severe illness, the number of appointments may also increase.
  3. General Dentist vs. Endodontist: Although a general dentist can treat a root canal infection, endodontists are trained specialists. Therefore, endodontists charge you more than general dentists. 
  4. Insurance: The good news is that the insurance covers some portion of the total cost of several dental treatments, including root canals. The amount of coverage can range between 30-50%. But your root canal cost coverage will depend on your unique dental insurance plan. 
  5. Additional Costs: There are some additional costs you may need to consider. The type of Iv sedation you get, the quality of equipment used, X-rays, and the dental crown cost will finally increase or decrease the total cost of your treatment. 

Is a root canal worth it?

If you want to know whether a root canal is worth it or not, take a look at the list of pros and cons given below: 


  • Immediately relieves intense pain, sensitivity, and swelling. 
  • It’ll be less painful as compared to extraction. 
  • It saves your natural tooth and prevents reinfection. 
  • Its only alternative is tooth extraction, which is more time-consuming and expensive in the long run. 


  • You may need 2-3 dental appointments. 
  • It may lead to tooth discolouration. 
  • There’s a risk of nerve damage, tooth loss, or an infection spreading. 

Root Canal Treatment in Aspendale Gardens, VIC, Australia

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