Teeth Whitening

#1 Teeth Whitening Service in Aspendale

At Aspendale Gardens Dental Care, we offer professional teeth whitening treatments to help patients achieve the brighter smile and whiter they have always wanted. As a leading dental clinic for a teeth whitening service in Aspendale, you can expect a personalized approach and quality materials to ensure your teeth are white, healthy, and clean in as little as one appointment with our specialists. A beautiful smile goes a long way to improve your overall look and boost your confidence, so take advantage of our efficient and affordable teeth whitening services.

What to Expect From Our Teeth Whitening Service

  • When pursuing teeth whitening, expect an immediate improvement in how you feel about yourself.
  • When whitening your teeth with professional dental specialists, you can expect us to remove all stains from the teeth, allowing them to become healthier.
  • With teeth whitening, you can expect our qualified dental expert to turn around your smile in one hour.
  • With our professional teeth whitening service in Aspendale, you can expect the process to be comfortable and safe.
  • With teeth whitening, you can get fast life-changing benefits at an affordable cost.
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If you live in Aspendale, Australia, and are interested in restoring your smile, look no further than our qualified and experienced dentists at Aspendale Gardens Dental Care. We will access your initial shade and prepare your teeth for the upcoming procedure. Our dentists undergo extensive training to apply the whitening gel correctly for maximum results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients react to tooth whitening differently. Some experience mild sensitivity after the procedure, while others don’t feel anything. If there is any lingering sensitivity from the gel or other products, it will typically go away within 48 hours after your treatment.

At Aspendale Gardens Dental Care, we share valuable tips and suggestions with our patients to ensure they return to the level of sensitivity they had before the whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening results can last from one to ten years, depending on how dedicated you are to your oral health. Patients who practise good health habits are more likely to see results that last for years.

After the procedure, we advise our patients to avoid heavily dyed beverages such as coffee, tea, or red wine. Brushing your teeth after every meal is also essential to preserving the results from the teeth whitening procedure. Finally, don’t forget to maintain routine cleaning appointments with our dentist and do regular dental checkups.

Our teeth whitening service in Aspendale has little or no effect on porcelain crowns or veneers. However, it may reduce the bond temporarily between the composite restorations and enamel.

Before the procedure, our dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth and advise whether teeth whitening is the right treatment for you.

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