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Early preventative dental care means fewer teeth problems and overall better oral health. At Aspendale Gardens Dental Care, we specialise in children’s dentistry and help children learn about their teeth in a safe, fun, and comforting environment. In addition, our children’s dentist in Aspendale will carefully explain the whole process to your child and turn any dental experience into a positive one.

What to Expect at The First Visit to The Children’s Dentist in Aspendale

  • We will thoroughly examine and clean your child’s teeth and gums.
  • Show you how to properly clean your child’s teeth after every meal or in the evening (we understand it is not easy with those little mouths and teeth).
  • Discuss fluoride and diet needs to ensure proper teeth development.
  • Recommend safe and efficient oral care products.
  • Share any concerns or address early issues regarding your child’s oral development.
children's dentistry in aspendale

Our children’s dentist in Aspendale will take extra care to ensure your child feels comfortable during the visit and has fun. When children are nervous about going to the dentist, we recommend parents bring them first to our office to meet the staff, look around, and get used to our clinic before their appointment. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions – we are here to provide you with all the information you need regarding your child’s teeth, gums, and overall oral development.

Frequently Asked Questions

The typical age when children should visit the local dentist is at about six months old. Once you see a tooth, it is time to schedule a visit with our children’s dentist in Aspendale. Unfortunately, some parents don’t notice a tooth until the baby is seven or eight months old.

Regardless of when your child’s first tooth appears, don’t wait until the first birthday to visit our dentist. Also, if you notice anything unusual in your child’s mouth, for example, bleeding, lesions, or white spots, schedule an appointment right away.

Unfortunately, tooth decay is a common issue for children under five. However, by detecting and treating any dental problems early, you can expect your child’s teeth to develop appropriately.

Our children’s dentist in Aspendale will thoroughly examine your child’s mouth to see if there are early signs of decay and treat the problem effectively. We want to ensure your child will have a beautiful and healthy smile for life.

At Aspendale Gardens Dental Care, we don’t recommend using toothpaste until age three. Before that, it is best to clean your child’s teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and water.

After that, your child can start using toothpaste, but you should supervise the brushing process and give useful tips. Use less toothpaste and make sure your child doesn’t swallow the remaining toothpaste.

Get Your Child’s Oral Health on Track

Is your child ready to visit our children’s dentist in Aspendale? Give Aspendale Gardens Dental Care a call at 03 9580 3200 to schedule your appointment.