Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Safe and Affordable Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Aspendale

Aspendale Gardens Dental Care is proud to offer safe and pain-free wisdom teeth removal in Aspendale and professional oral surgeries for patients of all ages. Our team consists of knowledgeable and trained dentists and oral surgeons performing simple and complex procedures in a comfortable environment. We use local anesthesia to ensure your tooth extraction goes fast without complications.

Warning Signs You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal in Aspendale

  • Do you notice your jaw doesn’t have enough space for your wisdom tooth to come out?
  • Do you feel like your wisdom tooth is growing wrong or starts pushing the other teeth around?
  • Are your gums painful due to an infection or inflammation around your wisdom tooth?
  • Do you notice a bad breath due to a stuck foot or other particles in and around your wisdom tooth?
  • Does the wisdom tooth impact other healthy teeth nearby?
wisdom teeth removal procedure in Aspendale

These signs suggest it is time to schedule wisdom teeth removal in Aspendale. We remove wisdom teeth under sedation or anesthetic, so our patients have minimal discomfort. We will walk you through the procedure, ensuring you feel safe and comfortable every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

When wisdom teeth break through the gum’s surface and come in straight, our dentist can remove them with conventional extraction techniques. These techniques include pulling the tooth out after ensuring the area around the tooth is numb.

However, a surgical extraction may be necessary if the tooth is infected or twisted. First, we will cut the gum tissue to expose the tooth and lift it out of the socket. Next, we will clean the area and suture the gums.

After a wisdom teeth removal, you can expect swelling and tenderness. We recommend our patients use a cold compress or ice packs for 15 minutes every hour to minimize the pain and ache. Place the pack on your cheek near the wisdom tooth area to reduce irritation.

If the pain is unbearable, use ibuprofen to lessen your pain. We also recommend taking a few days off school or work for some patients to avoid communication. Rest as much as possible to return to your everyday activities as soon as feasible. 

We recommend patients avoid any hard or sticky foods for a few days after wisdom teeth removal in Aspendale. Since your gums are sore, you don’t want to irritate them more and cause additional pain.

It is best to stick to liquid foods to ensure a fast and safe recovery, such as smoothies or nutrient-rich soups. After the procedure, our dentists will provide directions and useful tips for dietary habits.

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