Discoloured Teeth Got You Down?

girl shy with discolored teeth

Tooth discoloration is a common problem. You might have noticed your teeth getting discoloured over time. But the good news is you can reverse tooth discoloration and get that pearly white smile back. 

Last week we discussed the causes of tooth discoloration and what you can do to avoid it. But what if, despite all your best efforts, it’s not working? Fret not! This week we’ll look at three ways to say goodbye to tooth discoloration.

Here are three ways to get a bright and healthy smile:

  • Professional tooth bleaching

From whitening toothpaste to tooth whitening strips and kits, you have several options to whiten your teeth at home. But it has a lot of risks, such as tooth enamel damage, chemical burns, damage to gums, and mouth infections. 

So, when over-the-counter tooth whitening options don’t work, you should visit your dentist for professional tooth bleaching or whitening for the best results. 

A dental health professional will properly assess your teeth before proceeding with the tooth whitening treatment and offer suggestions based on the type of staining you have. It ensures you get the desired results with minimum risk of damage.  

  • Internal tooth bleaching

One of the causes of tooth discoloration is nerve death. When you notice a single discoloured tooth that might be yellow, light brown, greyish, or black, you’ll need internal tooth bleaching to eliminate tooth discoloration. 

If your dentist has performed a root canal to clean the decay, your tooth will get discoloured with time. An internal bleaching procedure helps to whiten a tooth with a root canal. 

For this procedure, the dentist creates a reservoir on the top of the tooth. It’s then filled with the bleaching chemical and sealed. It can take 3 to 4 months to get the desired results from internal tooth bleaching.

  • Porcelain crowns and veneers

The dentist hides the tooth imperfections using porcelain crowns and veneers. It’s a more stable and permanent option to achieve and maintain a whiter smile.  

These cosmetic procedures usually require the removal of a small part of your tooth enamel and replacement with a porcelain restoration. However, it’s important to note that porcelain is one of many materials used in dental restorations. It is also possible to use other materials like ceramic and composite resin. 

These are a great option if you want whiter and brighter teeth and have them stay that colour. Especially crowns are beneficial for teeth that are substantially treated and continually cracking as they help strengthen the teeth and shield them from further fractures.

When it comes to teeth whitening, there is ultimately only one best approach that works for everyone. Always remember to get expert help from a skilled dentist before you use any teeth-whitening products.

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