Understanding the Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction

wisdom teeth removal cost

Sometimes we don’t feel comfortable biting or chewing with our teeth. We may barge in sideways and find out that we have an impacted wisdom tooth. Our wisdom teeth can be responsible for causing painful toothaches, and when the wisdom or any other tooth gives us grief, sometimes the ideal solution is to get it out.

Wisdom tooth extraction has become a standard procedure, as they usually erupt a few years after the adult teeth. Therefore, they can cause oral issues. People get concerned about the cost of wisdom teeth removal cost, which may prevent them from receiving proper treatment. Read out more to know why wisdom tooth removal is necessary, its cost, and whether any risks are involved in wisdom tooth extraction.

Why do we Need to Remove the Wisdom Teeth?

Our wisdom teeth are the third molars that generally come out between the ages of 17 and 25. A problem arises when the wisdom teeth don’t come out correctly. If they grow sideways, it can cause pressure on other teeth as well as impaction. They can also cause crowding in the mouth, and therefore, the dentist can advise you to get them removed.

Sometimes, people face issues as their wisdom teeth start to erupt. They can either come close to the existing teeth or can result in crowding. It may lead to improper bite and several other dental issues. The main reason why wisdom tooth extraction becomes necessary is when they are impacted, as it can be excruciating and harmful to our long-term dental health. The usual symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth include infection, chronic pain and inflammation.

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Australia

The wisdom teeth removal cost in Australia depends on several factors. If you want to remove a single wisdom tooth, it can cost from $120 to $3,000. The reason could be tooth decay, gum disease or any infection. The following are some of the significant factors that can affect the cost of the wisdom tooth removal procedure.

  • How many wisdom teeth do you want to extract?
  • The complexity of the process, as the misaligned wisdom removal can be more expensive.
  • If you are aged, then wisdom tooth removal can cost you more.
  • You may face additional expenses like x-rays and exams to know what is going on beneath the surface of your gums.

Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Risky?

Some people get scared when they think about tooth extraction, but the procedure is routine, with minimal risks. Usually, a patient can recover from the wisdom tooth extraction in 3 to 4 days, but the wound may not heal for a month or two, and there could be a chance of infection. For this purpose, you can visit the dentist to get guidance on caring for the mouth after wisdom teeth removal. You can immediately expect the following when your wisdom teeth are pulled.

  • Low to moderate bleeding for one day
  • Swelling and pain in the gums
  • Difficulty in opening your jaw
  • General discomfort in your mouth

Although a few more significant risks are involved with wisdom tooth removal, they are not at all common. These include infection from trapped food particles and bacteria, dry sockets and damage to the nearby teeth, but still, the risks of these problems are infrequent.

Professional Tooth Extraction in Aspendale Gardens, VIC, Australia

Tooth extraction can be costly and stressful for many, but sometimes it becomes necessary. If you want to get wisdom teeth removed, you must be thinking about the wisdom teeth removal cost. Aspendale Gardens offers the absolute best oral surgeons that allow you to discuss any medical condition with them freely. Our experienced dentists in Aspendale offers wisdom teeth extraction under sedation so you can eliminate any anxieties.

If you want to discuss your options to remove your wisdom teeth, contact us today!

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