Reasons Why Your Tooth Hurts When Biting

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Does your tooth cause pain when you bite down? 

Whether it’s dull or sharp, you can never ignore tooth pain. Several factors might be causing a toothache. But finding out the problem is the first step toward relief.

Understanding the causes of a toothache can help you get the treatment on time and save you from bigger problems. Here are eight reasons why your tooth might be hurting when biting:

1. Cracked tooth

A cracked tooth is one of the most complex dental conditions to diagnose. Most of the time, the only noticeable symptom is the pain you bite down on.

Your doctor will suggest the treatment depending on where and how severely a tooth is cracked or fractured. Your dentist can easily repair a small crack, but larger ones or those extending into the gum line require removal or extraction.

2. Cavity

Food can get stuck in large tooth cavities, which causes pressure and leads to pain. Each time you bite or chew food in your mouth, you experience painful flare-ups because tooth decay might have irritated the pulp inside the tooth.

After examining the extent of the decay and finding out whether or not it has reached the tooth’s pulp, your dentist may probably recommend treatments like a filling, crown, pulp cap, or root canal.

3. Loose filling or crown

Biting down on your tooth when the filling or crown is too high can also cause pain. You’ll find out that your tooth hurts when biting as the anesthetic wears off after dental treatment. 

This sensation will get intense as time passes. Since additional pressure is placed on opposing teeth when your teeth touch each other, it might also cause pain.

The only solution will be a new crown or replacement filling. Your dentist might advise using a painkiller while you wait for the new filling or crown. 

4. Recessed gums

Although gum recession can’t usually be the reason why your tooth hurts when biting, it can make your impacted teeth incredibly sensitive to pressure. You’re likely to get a severe toothache if food or liquid contacts the root surface of a tooth when you’re eating or drinking.

Your dentist will carefully check all your gums to see if there’s an infection and give you an antibiotic mouthwash or antibiotic gel to apply to your gums.

5. Abscess

An abscess at the root’s tip can also be a source of pain. When you bite down on or press down on the tooth, this swelling or cyst inside the bone puts pressure against it and hurts.

The abscess will be cleaned and drained by your dentist to relieve the pain. You may require either a root canal or a tooth extraction, depending on how serious the issue is. 

Treatment of Toothache in Aspendale Gardens 

Tooth pain can be a clear symptom of a more serious dental issue. The pain can get worse if you don’t take immediate action. You might even need costly dental work or risk losing the tooth if you don’t get the treatment in time.

So, if your tooth hurts when biting, you can consult our experienced dentists in Aspendale Gardens Dental, Melbourne. 

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