Live Mouth Smart

world oral health day

Did you know that March 20th is World Oral Health Day? This year, the theme for World Oral Health day is “Live Mouth Smart”. To celebrate the day, Aspendale Gardens Dental Care is holding a competition where we want to see how you manage to Live Mouth Smart. To enter, simply follow us on Instagram at ag-dental-care and post a picture of yourself showing us your beautiful smiles on Instagram with the hashtag #livemouthsmart. You will go into the draw to win a dinner for two at Michaleangelo’s and the winner will be announced on both our Facebook and Instagram page at the end of the month.

Throughout the month of March we will be talking about the smart decisions you can make throughout your life to gain and maintain a healthy mouth. Three things you can do to “Live Mouth Smart” are:

1. Brush effectively and regularly

2. Floss between your teeth daily and

3. Go to your dentist for regular check ups to keep your teeth in check and healthy.

This month we will be talking more about these three points and how you can make it especially fun for your kids to get into good oral hygiene habits young. As they say, prevention is better than cure. Instilling good oral hygiene practices in your child at a young age will keep them in good steed throughout their lives so they and you can “Live Mouth Smart”

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