Dental Health Tips for Mums with Older Children

mother helping her child to brush teeth

This month we have been discussing dental health tips especially for mums. Last week we looked at new and expecting mums and this week we will look at mums with older children.

Even though those first few months and years seem like an eternity (especially at 2am when you are up for yet another feed or nappy change), it would seem like in the blink of an eye, your tiny little newborn is a mischievous little toddler and just as quickly getting ready for their first day of school. Before you know it, your days are filled with school drop offs, after school activities, homework and weekend sports. It can be very easy in the chaos of life with young kids for mums to put their own needs aside and little things like routine dental check ups can slowly get forgotten.

For busy mums, there are a few easy things you can do to ensure you maintain good oral hygiene habits for you and your growing family. Make brushing your teeth fun for your kids by using one of the many phone apps by Colgate, Oral B and even the Wiggles. Why not explore some of these apps with your kids and make brushing fun. Some of these apps also help keep other aspects of your oral hygiene such as reminder of when you’re due for your check up or time to get a new toothbrush.

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