Dental Health Tips for Expecting and New Mums

lady during her prgenancy

We dedicate this month to all of you mums in honour of Mother’s Day. Since we are celebrating all of you mums, let’s start at the very beginning. 

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Nobody knows the value of an uninterrupted and restful night’s sleep more than a pregnant woman, adopting, or a first-time mum of her precious newborn. 

While your bundle of joy has brought joy and happiness, you, as a new mum, will have to say goodbye to a peaceful night’s sleep for a while. And you will soon discover sleep influences various aspects of your life and health.

Yes, that also includes your dental health. Since pregnancy-related hormones dramatically raise your risk of gum disease, we’ve found that pregnant women and new mothers have mild to moderate gum disease. 

Looking after your dental health throughout pregnancy and that newborn phase is more crucial than ever, despite how challenging it may be to make time for yourself during these times. It’s important to schedule time to keep up with regular dental checkups.

Don’t Forget to Take Calcium and Magnesium Supplements 

New and expecting mums also need to maintain a sufficient supply of Magnesium and calcium. Magnesium aids in transporting calcium throughout the body, and calcium is essential for the development of healthy bones and teeth.

Leg cramps are another typical problem that pregnant women face. But the good news is Magnesium can help prevent this as well as helps in giving you a more peaceful sleep (whenever you can get it, that is!). 

Make sure you consume foods high in calcium and Magnesium, such as dairy products and leafy greens like kale and spinach, to maintain healthy levels of these minerals. Additionally, you can take them as supplements.

You surely would have heard the Old Wives’ Tale that for each child, the mother loses a tooth. Well, we have another good news, though. This problem can be easily avoided with a good diet and oral hygiene during pregnancy and certainly.

Expecting Mums Need to Be More Careful

Unfortunately, expecting mothers who experience morning sickness are more likely to develop tooth decay and sensitivity due to erosion. However, this can be prevented by taking the following steps.

  • Firstly, right after the episode of morning sickness, rinse your mouth out with water. This will wash out the acid from your mouth. 
  • Secondly, remember that your enamel will be soft after being sick. So, you must wait at least 30 minutes or an hour to brush your teeth. If you brush too soon, it won’t cause sensitivity and damage, but you might as well brush off your enamel. 
  • Thirdly, to help counter the effects of enamel erosion, talk to your dentist and get topical fluoride treatments. 

Avoiding rinsing the toothpaste out of your mouth after using it to clean your teeth is one straightforward approach to increasing the effectiveness of your regular toothpaste. Just spit out the excess toothpaste and go on. Doing this every day will leave a thin film of fluoride on your teeth, which can help reduce the acid’s damaging effects.

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